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The Story Behind Your Student Union

„Honestly, let’s do it!“. This sentence was the official agreement of around 6 LBS students to start a project that would later become one their our most important activities during their studies at LBS. In the winter times of 2020, frustrated by the seemingly never-ending lockdowns during the pandemic, we decided, that if, and hopefully when, the restrictions will be lifted, we want to create a vibrant and inclusive community, where each and every other student could finally meet their peers and start the so important process of meeting ones peers and colleagues and exchanging ideas.

With this vision in mind, we campaigned to be your student union here at LBS, and thankfully, you as our fellow students supported our mission. But what exactly is a student union, and what does “ÖH” even stand for? Well, as required by Austrian law, it is mandatory for higher educational institutions in Austria to have some sort of representation to make their voices heard in front of different stakeholders, such as the administration or director of studies etc..

This splits up into 3 different levels, on the one hand we have your cohort representatives, next up your “Hochschulvertretung” (that’s us) and one federal ÖH, representing the interests of students infront of the minister of education and other important stakeholders.

We see it as our job, to provide you, on the one hand, with useful information that might come in handy, organize events where you are able to network across semesters and have a good time while doing so. Another important aspect is the fact, that sometimes issues arise that we might be able to help you with, let’s take, for example, a not understandable grading scheme  etc. etc. 

We can’t promise we can fulfill wonders, but we sure as well try. Please do not hesitate to contact whenever you think, we might can be of help here. We are U@LBS,  your voice on campus – now Lauder! 

About us: Text

Benjamin Frormann


Lucie Gerber

Vice President


Ferdinand Roniger


Richard Kiss

Vice President


Lisa Slid


Philipp Stichler


Eric Medricky

Sport and Culture


Michael Gugusis

Public Relation Speaker

Joseph Schiedlbauer


Don Vincent Enver Schrömbgens

Assistant to the Treasurer


Franz Kronberger



Vlad Paduraru

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